Highlights at AAAS - so far

Lots of interesting general science here as well as a lot of material about innovation, communicating with the public and internet resources everything!  The session on using crowdsourcing to fund science projects was so crowded I couldn't even get near the door to the session!  On the fun side, Nathan Myrvohld's talk on Science in the Kitchen was really entertaining - for example, his research on wine decanting, often a feature of the presentation of expensive wines in fancy restaurants led him to a new method he calls 'hyperdecanting.'  You will probably be surprised at his technique!

Had a good conversation with folks from the Exploratorium, one of my favorite hands-on science museums and they were enthusiastic about the Innovation 5 concept and agreed that the mixing of a hands-on innovation for kids into an prototyping space was a concept they had not heard about elsewhere.  Talked to a reporter for NOVA who may contact us for a show in the planning stages on innovation!  

Another fun event was an evening with Ig Nobel prize winners.  Perhaps the most amusing part of the ceremony for the Innovation 5 crowd is that the 'human spotlight' (the guy painted siver with the flashlight) is Jim Bredt, one of the pioneers in the field of 3D printing!  

Ig Nobel Prize winners presentation at AAAS 2013

Ig Nobel Prize winners presentation at AAAS 2013

Posted on February 17, 2013 .