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Presentations and Publications about Innovation 5



Fab Central at the Center for Bits and Atoms – founders of the global FabLab network

International FabLab Association  - international focus, affiliated with the Center for Bits and Atoms

United States FabLab Networks – primarily focused on community college-based fab labs

Makerspaces – focused on educational settings and design/build challenges

Tinkering school – a small network more focused on design challenges for younger children

MakerWorks  - Ann Arbor’s example of a community fabrication space -

TechShops – a commercial chain of maker spaces -

Thought pieces


The question of intellectual property in the open source world of fablabs -

BENDING THE RULES: THE FAB LAB INNOVATION ECOLOGY | Peter Troxler - (can be read online without downloading)

Who are the 3D printers? – an extensive user community survey

A recent article in the Economist describes how 3D printing is moving from a novelty to a mainstream manufacturing technology.


Business models for FabLabs

      Here are files that describe the Mystery Fish of Science activity I presented at OHM2013: (in .pdf format)   Mystery Fish of Science Activities Mystery Fish of Science Topic and Mystery Fish of Science Supplementary Material  

Here is a recent paper describing an inexpensive 3D printer that prints in metal.  This technology is already being applied in high tech manufacturing, but has previously not been accessible to the maker community.  This will greatly broaden the kinds of obgjects that can be designed and made by small scale operations like Innovation 5.